Senior Social Worker



Senior Social Worker
Remuneration Level: R295 905 per annum

LOCATION: Provincial Personnel Management: EHW: (North West) 
REFERENCES: NW EHW07/03/2020 (1 post) 

LOCATION: Employee Health & Wellness: Decentralized 
Cluster: (Pudimoe)
REFERENCES: NW EHW08/03/2020 (1 post)

Generic Requirements: 
 Applicant must display competency in the post-specific functions of the post; 
 Be in possession of a Senior Certificate (Grade 12) and an applicable three year Diploma / Degree registered on the National Learner Record Database on at least a NQF level 6 or higher; 
 be (proficient) in at least two official languages, of which one must be English; 
 Must be a SA citizen. 
 Must have no previous convictions or cases pending; 
 Computer Literacy. 
 Interpersonal, communication and Organizational Skills. 
 Analytical, Self-Management and Problem Solving Skills. 
 Report Writing, presentation, development skills; 
 be in possession of at least a valid light driver’s license; 
 Applicants will be subjected to a vetting process which will include security screening and fingerprint verification; 
 Relevant courses in the field of the post may be an advantage. 

Post requirements: 
 A recognized Four (4 years) Social Work recorded on the National Learner record Database (NLRD) on at least an NQF 6 or higher Level. 
 Must have good interpersonal skills, presentation skills, group work and case work facilitation skills, professional clinical report writing skills and computer skills (MS Word, MS Power Point and MS Office Outlook). 
 Registered as a Social Worker with the SA Council for Social Service Professions and submit proof [certified copy] of valid registration for the financial year 2020/2021. 2 years social work experience within substance abuse, gender base violence and generic wellness environment will serve as an added advantage. 

Core Functions: 
 Render Social Work Services to the client system by means of Social Work Services’ Proactive interventions to SAPS members and their families. 
 Ensure the rendering of Social Work Services to the client system by means of Restorative Interventions and application of Social Work Community, Group and Case Work Models. 
 Work within a Multi-disciplinary Employee Health and Wellness Team. 
 Compile and submit feedback report per Social Work Programme presented to allocated Division / Cluster. 
 Facilitate / observe health and wellness events per allocation Division / Cluster. 
 Present information, education and other communication initiatives (IEC) per allocated Division / Cluster conduct debrief of SAPS employees and family members.

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