Directorates: Probation and Canalization, Intake Field and NPO Partnership
and Finance.
SALARY : R384 228 – R714 795 per annum (within the OSD framework)
CENTRE : Regions Tshwane Region Ref No: SD/2020/07/17 (X8 Posts)
West Rand Region Ref No: SD/2020/07/18 (X6 Posts)
REQUIREMENTS : A Bachelor’s degree in Social Worker with 7 years appropriate/ recognizable
experience in Social Work after registration as a Social Worker with the South
African Council for Social Services (SACSSP). Submission of valid proof of
registration with the council. A valid driver’s licence. Knowledge of and
understanding of human behaviour and social systems and skills to ensure that
supervisees intervene efficiently and effectively at the points where people
interact with their environments in order to promote social well-being. The
ability and competence to ensure that supervisees assist, advocate and
empower individuals, families, groups, organisations and communities to
enhance their social functioning and their problem-solving capacities, prevent
and alleviate distress and use resources, effectively and efficiently. Knowledge
of applicable and relevant legislations and policies in this field of work and the
ability to compile complex reports. Good conflict resolution and people
management, Computer literate, excellent verbal and written communication
DUTIES : Ensure that a Social Work service with regard to the care, support, protection
and development of vulnerable individuals, group, families and communities
through the relevant programmes is rendered. Attend to any other matters that

could result in, or stem from, social instability in any form. Supervise and advise
Social Workers, Social Auxiliary Workers and volunteers to ensure an effective
Social Work Services. Keep up to date with new developments in the social
work field. Supervise all the administrative functions required in the unit and
undertake the higher-level administrative functions.
ENQUIRIES : West Rand Region-Mr SM Makgorogo Tel No: (011) 950 7803/ (011) 950 7700,
Tshwane Region Mr A Kotsedi Tel No: (012) 359 3314
CLOSING DATE : 02 October 2020
APPLICATIONS : Please forward applications, quoting the relevant reference number to The
Gauteng Department of Social Development:
West Rand Region, Human Street, Krugersdorp 950 770016 or Private Bag x
2068, Krugersdorp 1740.
Tshwane Region, South Tower, Fedsure Building, 268 Cnr Lillian Ngoyi &
Pretorius Street, Pretoria Private Bag X266, Pretoria, 0001.
FOR ATTENTION : Mr SM Makgorogo Tel No: (011) 950 7803/ (011)
Mr A Kotsedi Tel No: (012) 359 3314 or
NOTE : The selection and appointment of candidates is subject to positive vetting and
verification requirements as per government policy and procedures

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