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the Duties and Responsibilities of a Security Guard
Security officers are tasked with protecting your staff, visitors and the general public, as well as your property or assets as part of a security strategy that includes several tactics and layers.

Despite common miscinceptions about guards, these professionals not only deter and prevent crime by providing a physical presence on-site, they also add value to your organization beyond protection.

This article discusses their responsibilities and the specialized services that they provide as an extension of your operational team.

Security Guard Duties and Responsibilities
The typical duties of a security officer include:

Enforcing laws, rules and company policies
Responding to emergencies
Protect property
Controlling access to buildings and protecting employees.

guests and the public
Monitoring alarms and surveillance systems
Patrolling areas and performing security checks

Writing activity and incident reports
In addition to standard security measures, trained security officers have capabilities that contribute to the effectiveness of every organization. Here are some ways that they add value to your business:

First Responders
Security officers can respond to emergency situations and provide first aid services, although this is typically only on client request. If paramedics, fire or police professionals are called, they can effectively convey key information to support a quick response and the efficient resolution of emergencies.

Furthermore, they’re trained in injury prevention and are able to step in before situations turn into emergencies.

Administrative Support
In order to reduce the administrative burden on your organization’s staff, security officers can take on operational duties such as:

Telephone assistance: Answering phones, screening and directing calls, and taking messages when necessary
Guest services: Greeting visitors, checking them in and directing them to the appropriate department
Liaison services: :

Corporate security: These officers bring a high level of professionalism and can easily integrate their duties into the day-to-day operations of any corporate setting
Event security: Ideal for large events where behavior can be unpredictable — especially when alcohol is being served; event guards support security and law enforcement by assisting with everything from crowd control to traffic control.

Virtual security: Virtual guards offer the combined benefits of rigorous security guard protocols and the latest video surveillance technologies
Warehouse security: Focused on securing warehouses and storage facilities, they specialize in access control, loss prevention and monitoring

When additional services are required or an industry-focused security officer with specific qualifications is necessary, the options above are just a sample of what are available to you.

Ask your guard services company how they plan to accommodate your unique needs.

We Offer Operational Support and Integration
GardaWorld provides well-trained officers who can be fully integrated into your business operation. Our officers are highly-skilled and focused on protecting your staff and your property.

We match clients with officers based on the security setting and requirements, with additional training in CPR, first aid with AED, health and job safety, traffic control and conflict de-escalation techniques provided as requested.

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