Internship Opportunities


Internship programme
We need Interns with a N6 TVET Qualification in either:
Financial Management;
Business Management; or
HR Management


While networking isn’t an official requirement as such, it might as well be. Networking involves building relationships with your bosses, colleagues, and customers and clients.

You’ll need the backing and support of people in places to build a successful career. Also, building good relationships with customers is always good for the organisation.

Here are some examples of the kind of networking interns do: 

Finding a mentor: Mentors act as anchor roles for interns. If you find a good one, you can follow in their footsteps and build a successful career just like your mentor. 

Forming a peer support group: Interning is hard. Finding a peer support group who is going through all the ups and downs with you will make it much more enjoyable for everyone involved. 

Getting in with bosses and coworkers: Interns who can build strong individual bonds with their coworkers and bosses become a part of the “family”. You’re much more likely to be offered.

How to apply :

Email cv to
Attention : Michael

Requirements :

Curriculum Vitae
Certified copy of Matric certificate
Copy of your ID
TVET N6 Certificate

Applicants must comply with the above requirements to be considered for the programme.

Closing Date : 20 October 2020

Notes :
Applicant who are not invited for interview should regard their applications unsuccessful.

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