Chief Researcher


Chief Researcher
-Randburg, Gauteng
18 hours ago
Ref: HMD/2020/CRE2

In the


Monitor project performance including own and team member’s adherence to procedures, quality of raw data, project outcomes and budgets, as well as SHEQ and Radiation Protection compliance. Implement corrective actions if required and provide feedback to future projects.

Review and prioritise project objectives using knowledge and experience with input from specialists in the division. Projects will often rely on the incumbent’s industry and research experience.

Supervise and execute several major projects in which interactions with clients and technical expertise are required at an internationally-competitive, professional level.
Write reports at a level of a professional engineer and present results formally at the level of an international expert.

Generate complete data sets from raw data including error checking and data validation and compile report-ready results and a thorough interpretation leading to valid and well supported conclusions and recommendations.

Plan, produce and supervise the production of quality, peer-reviewed journal articles or other publications at the level of an international expert for projects to which the incumbent is assigned or under a particular Focus Area.

Plan methodology, equipment, staff and material requirements for projects. This may involve and require novel combination of known methods to achieve a set of objectives.

Plan and write proposals aimed at bringing revenue and ensuring sustainability of the Group which includes participation in discussions with clients or internal co-ordinators or specialists or external funding applications.

Prepare and communicate sample flow instructions and protocols, project objectives, test plan and project specific procedures, explaining why and how tasks are to be done.
Supervise project teams and interact with service providers both internal and external ensuring that projects targets are achieved.

Provide innovation leadership, mentorship and coaching to young professionals.
Contribute significantly to the innovation output of the Division.
Engage with senior industry leaders as a sector expert and identify needs of clients.
Attract funding for research and development projects and programmes.

Responsible for own and team development.
Demonstrated innovation leadership pertaining to the Group’s research focus areas.

Applicants with extensive experience in hydrometallurgy research will be given preference.

Applicants with experience in an engineering, project and production environment and with hands-on experience commissioning hydrometallurgical equipment (pilot and specialist equipment) will be given preference.
Applicants with experience in the following fields will be given preference:

Gold processing flowsheets
Ion-exchange technology flowsheets for a variety of commodities
Development of hydrometallurgical flowsheets for a variety of commodities, experience in gold, uranium, and base metals will be considered an added advantage
Applications with technology management experience will be given preference.

Process flowsheet simulation experience would be an advantage.
Windows and MS Office is an essential tool. Experience with SAP and Sharepoint will be advantageous.
A minimum of 15 years’ experience in hydrometallurgy research or technology management is required.

A minimum of 10 years’ experience in the management and coordination of research projects would be an advantage.
Post-graduate aspirations: doctoral and post-doctoral candidates with an interest in chemical and/or metallurgical engineering, and/or metallurgical process modelling topics would be an advantage.
Candidates with a proven publication portfolio will have an advantage.

Min: PhD. (Inorganic/Analytical Chemistry)

Team player who enjoys variety and has a passion for hydrometallurgy with an affinity for planning and conducting new and innovative p

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