Employment Tax Incentive 12 Month Free Study Opportunity


Employment Tax Incentive (ETI) Educational Initiative. 


This is a Government initiative which aims to upskill unemployed young persons between the ages of 18-28, to enhance their employment prospects. Skill Tech Solutions and the Tshwane Institute of Technology (TIT), in collaboration with the South African Institute of Management (SAIM) are driving and implementing the Employment Tax Incentive Programme (ETI). ETI is an agreement between a company and a qualifying student. The company pays the cost of enrolment for a subject/module/course, the textbooks, and the examination fee. This model provides the student 12 months for the student to complete a subject/module/course and to obtain a certificate of completion from the Tshwane Institute of Technology (TIT). ETI does not offer or promise any employment, is not a learnership and, therefore, no stipends are payable. It is a free 12-Month Study Opportunity which aims to enhance your employability. 


  • Must be unemployed or not a recipient of UIF
  • Must be between the ages of 18-28

 If you want to take this opportunity, complete the application form below: https://forms.gle/QsfcAFubmm377Wid6 Supporting documents

  • Certified copy of ID (not older than 3months)
  • Certified copy of a Matric Certificate if in Possession of one (Programme does not exclude those without matric certificate) Certified Certificate not older than three months

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