Bursaries, internships and learnerships

Bursaries, internships and learnerships

Student bursaries and learnerships.

Choosing a career path can be a difficult decision if you’re uncertain about what you see yourself doing in the future. To choose the right career for you, you need to first find out what you like and what you enjoy doing. Then you can decide which careers appeal to you and if your personality matches the career of your choice.

Take some time to do research and consider your options. Read up on career websites and newspapers and consider job shadowing, learnerships, or volunteering in your field of choice before making your final decision.

Perhaps you’re thinking about applying for a bursary or an internship but don’t know where to begin. We’ve put some information together on the various options available to help you make the best decision for your future.

If you work hard and achieve good results at school, you can have a bright future with more options. This will help you when you apply for a bursary, learnership or internship. Click here

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